Наши регалии

  • Flair Barista Ukraine/Kiev 2006 и 2012 (twice 4-Th place)
  • Ukrainian Open Championship Bartenders Silver Cup Ukraine/Ternopol 2012 (1-st place)
  • Championship Among Flair Bartenders Ukraine/Kiev 2013 (1-st place)
  • Planet Z Flair Open 2013 qualification Ukrain/Sevastopol/Kiev(twice 1-st and 2-nd place)
  • Flair Bartenders Battle/Kiev 2011-2013 (twice 2-nd place)
  • Golden Sheker Ukraine/Yalta 2013 (2-nd place)
  • Flair Club Ukraine/Kiev 2013 (2-nd place)
  • PlanetZ Flair Open Tandem Compatition 2013(New Bartenders/Yakovenko Evgeniy and Rud Evgeniy) (3-d place)
  • Bar Fight Russia/Saint-Petersburg 2014-2015 (twice1-st place)
  • Funky Flair Russia/Saint-Petersburg 2014 (2-nd place)
  • Chili Flair Cup 2013/Russia/Ekaterenburg (Top-6)
  • Musik Flair Open selection round-Russia/Moscow 2015(twice 1-st place)
  • Funky Flair Russia/Moscow 2015(1-st place)
  • SPB Flair OPen 2016 Russia/Saint-P (3-d place)
  • Сraft Baltick Bar Skills 2017-2018 Russia/Saint (2-nd and 3-d place)

Чемпионаты Европы

  • Hard Rock Flair Sunday/Finland/Helsinky 2015-2016 (3-d and 4th place)
  • Dyyny Flair Derby 2016-2018 Finland/Kalajoky (3-d and 4th place)
  • Cambridge Cocktail Weekend 2018 England/Cambridge WFA Grand Slam (3-d place)
  • That Flair competition 2018 England/Manchester(3-d place)
  • Cabaret Flair 2020/Czehc Republic/ Prague (3-d place)

Чемпионаты мира

  • Titan World Open 2012-2013
  • Flair Mania 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017
  • Bar Fighters 2016/Poland — (Top-10)
  • Loolapaloosa Flair Championship selection round-Itali/Milan-(Top-10)
  • Road House «World Open»2016/England -( 2-nd place)
  • Paris Flair Open 2017-(Top-6)
  • Road House World Open»Tandem Heat»2018/England/London (Two shoes for two guys/Yakovenko Evgeniy and Egor Rzhavcev)-( 1-st place)